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Food Futures: Rethinking UK Strategy

See UK report on food security that eerily echoes Feasta work on this subject in the Irish context.  It is important in the context of identifying areas of economic stimulus investment and of suggesting structures under which that investment is directed.

Chatham House Report
Susan Ambler-Edwards, Kate Bailey, Alexandra Kiff, Tim Lang, Robert Lee, Terry Marsden, David Simons, Hardin Tibbs, February 2009

Over the next few decades, the global food system will come under renewed pressure from the combined effects of seven fundamental factors: population growth, the nutrition transition, energy, land, water, labour and climate change. The combined effects will create constraints on food supply and if action is not taken, there is a real potential for demand growth to outstrip increases in global food production. Effects on developing countries would be devastating. Developed countries will be affected too. Expectations of abundant and ever cheaper food could come under strain. The UK can no longer afford to take its food supply for granted.

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