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A debt based monetary system & forced debt slavery

By Simon Dixon

1st published February 2nd

…..So here it is – to obtain the additional revenue our economy needs to make up for its lack of purchasing power, and upon which the economy is completely reliant, the government sells IOUs which increase in value with time. And when the time comes for them to be cashed, the government sells even more IOUs and uses this money to pay off the old ones. The government operates in an absurd system of debt-stocks which constitute a meaningless and utterly un-repayable debt to the future. This provides the government with a small amount of money now on the condition that they repay a much larger sum in ten or twenty year’s time. The government then proceeds to flood the market with these meaningless promises to pay, which can only be redeemed by the issue of yet more promises. The government draws on money already created as a debt, and relied upon for future payments on insurance claims and the pensions of the elderly, and allows banks and other lending institutions to purchase their bonds, conceding to these private institutions the right and power to create additional money, which is then loaned to the government at interest. Meanwhile, we must all work harder and harder, and the economy must become ever more productive and efficient to try to compete with other nations operating under the same lunatic structures, whilst the national debt inflates like a balloon…. Link to full article

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