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Copper and Oil Provide Early Warning of an End to the Global Economic Crisis…

Against trend the gold bug press sees signs of an upturn, but not in gold, in copper.  Can they be right?  We endeavour to keep our posts open to counter information so you can make up your own mind.

By: Clive Maund @Gold Seek

Posted Sunday, 8 March 2009urce:

Something truly remarkable happened last week that has major implications for the global economic crisis – despite all the doom and gloom and the broad stockmarket continuing to make new lows, copper broke out upside from a 3-month long base pattern. Why is this so important? – because copper has a history of being one of the earliest if not THE earliest lead indicators for the world economy, so much so that it is sometimes called Dr Copper. So what happened? – let’s take a look on a 6-month chart. Link to charts

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