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Paul Grignon’s “Money As Debt” video

Any of you who are new to monetary reform should take the time to play the entire of this well made video uploaded before the current crash.

Paul Grignon’s excellent Canadian video, “Money As Debt.”

My only gripe is the unnecessary comment at the very end that hints at conspiracy. No conspiracy is necessary to maintain the system.  Cognitive dissonance or the propensity to believe  in that which benefits your interest is entirely sufficient to blind otherwise intelligent people to manifest reality.

A powerful cause of dissonance is when an idea conflicts with a fundamental element of the self-concept, such as “I am a good person” or “I made the right decision.” …Dissonance can also lead to confirmation bias, the denial of disconfirming evidence, and other ego defense mechanisms. (

We see the same self deception in the operation of land market which works hand in hand with money creation to perpetuate the unequal distribution of wealth and our undeniably unsustainable consumption and production.

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  1. reader says

    “Money As Debt.” link is broken.