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Protesting the Banks

Protesting the Banks

In the past, several of our readers have asked if we could help organize some sort of popular political movement to protest some of the policies that we have criticized. That isn’t anything we have any experience or expertise in, however.But in case you are interested, I wanted to let you know about a new group called A New Way Forward that is organizing rallies on April 11. Their platform is pretty straightforward:

NATIONALIZE: Experts agree — Insolvent banks that are too big to fail must incur a temporary FDIC intervention – no more blank check taxpayer handouts.

REORGANIZE: Current CEOs and board members must be removed and bonuses wiped out. The financial elite must share in the cost of what they have caused.

DECENTRALIZE: Banks must be broken up and sold back to the private market with new antitrust rules in place– new banks, managed by new people. Any bank that’s “too big to fail” means that it’s too big for a free market to function.

A New Way Forward is being organized by two people from the Participatory Politics Foundation, although the two groups are not officially related.

By James Kwak

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