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NAMA Workshop – 8 September 2009

Smart Taxes ( is pleased to invite you to a workshop on NAMA designed specifically for members of the Environmental Pillar to be held on Tuesday 8th September.

The workshop will consist of a morning session devoted to NAMA and will comprise a number of leading economists presenting their views on NAMA, with a question and answer session following each presentation. The workshop will conclude with a round table discussion.


Tuesday 8th September at 10am sharp


Carmelite Centre

56 Aungier Street

Dublin 2


10:00am: Welcome by Emer O’Siochru

Emer is a qualified Architect and Valuation Surveyor, Development and Planning. She is a founder and current board member of Feasta. and is serving as Managing Director for the Smart Tax Network led by Feasta, funded by the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government. Emer is also a director of EOS Future Design which designs and develops sustainable systems and settlements.

10:10am: Presentation by Ronan Lyons

Ronan is the inhouse economist for DAFT and has an interest in the Irish economy, the world economy and property markets. His experience is as an economic researcher and analyst across academic, private and public sectors, with work in the areas of public policy, national competitiveness, property markets, ICT and economic development, economic growth, foreign direct investment and the history of globalization.

10:40am: Presentation by Professor Brian Lucey

Brian is an Associate Professor and Fellow at the School of Business, Trinity College Dublin, and a Research Associate at the IIIS – Institute for International Integration Studies.

11:10am: Coffee break

11:20am: Presentation by Richard Douthwaite

Richard is an economist, journalist and author specialising in energy, climate and sustainability issues. He is the co-founder of the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability (Feasta), an economics think-tank based in Ireland. His books include The Growth Illusion (1992), widely regarded as a classic,Short Circuit (1996) and The Ecology of Money (1999).

11:50am: Presentation by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev

Constantin is an Adjunct Lecturer in Finance with Trinity College, Dublin and Chairman of the Ireland-Russia Business Association. He servea as a Non-Executive Director of Business & Finance and IREC.

12:20pm: Round table discussion chaired by Emer O’Siochru

1:00pm: Workshop close and light lunch

2:00pm: Meeting of environmental pillar

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  1. morag friel says

    Danny Walsh of the IEN videoed yesterday’s proceedings and has already posted them to Youtube –