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Smart Taxes Commissions a Study for an Irish Land Valuation

Smart Taxes is pleased to announce it has commissioned a report on the data requirements and technical logistics of preparing a complete land valuation for the Republic of Ireland. Working with Dr Patrick Prendergast of Dublin Institute of Technology, a brief was prepared and a researcher  with  the requisite skills identified.  Ms Elaine Monaghan was selected to undertake this critical research which will also inform the third research paper under preparation by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev.

The Smart Taxes  Network is confident that this foundation of economic and logistic research and policy  option development will enable the introduction of the Site Value Tax (included in the governments Revised Programme for Government) as early as  the 2011 budget. The scope of the study is described below. These studies have been enabled by funding support from the Department of the Environment, Heritage and Local Government.

Land Value Mapping for Ireland

The intention is to carry out a desktop study to examine the availability of the necessary data to create land value mapping in Ireland.

Proposed Methodology: The study will attempt to:

a) Identify the algorithms currently used to compute land values for Land Value Taxation internationally (using standard valuation surveying methodologies);

b) Identify the information needs of these algorithms;

c) Identify the existing databases in Ireland which might satisfy these information needs;

d) Assess the potential to create land value mapping using this information;

e) Evaluate a methodology to extrapolate land values for individual properties using the land value mapping.


Dr Paddy Prendergast, Department of Spatial Information Sciences, DIT Bolton Street

Mr Tom Dunne, School of Real Estate and Construction Economics, DIT Bolton Street

Mr Alain Chenaux, Department of Construction Technology and Management, DIT Bolton Street

Faculty: Built Environment, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street,

Researcher: Ms Elaine Monaghan BA ( Geography) 2008 NUIM and an MA (Geographical Analysis) 2009 NUIM

Timescale: 8 weeks approx. delivery February 2010.

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