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Currency lifetimes in Ireland

From David Taylor on Feasta General Bulletin Board in response to ECB one trillion Euro distribution idea…

I’m not qualified to comment on the above.

But if I might be allowed to make a tongue-in-cheek observation:

Some years ago I noted how often Ireland had changed currencies since the first use of money. And, with some liberty, each currency appeared to last a significant time less than its predecessor:

997 – English pound
1460 – different coinage, value diverged from pound
1701 – Irish pound fixed in value again
1826 – British currency introduced
1928 – punt introduced
1971 – decimalisation
2001 – euro

463 years
241 years
125 years
102 years
43 years
30 years

So you can take it from me, Ireland could well be out of the euro on the centenary of the rising!

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