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Post Copenhagen

Climate Progress provides a feisty, informative, invaluable news  service on all things climatic.  Here is a snippet of their judgement on Copenhagen – not all depressing.

..UNFCCC RIP I have not been fond of how the United Nations has been running all things climate. Both CAP’s Andrew Light and I have argued before, “we don’t need 192 nations to come to an agreement on mitigating carbon emissions in order to get the job done. We only need those countries responsible for 85% of emissions to move forward on the pathways identified by the IPCC with a promise to the world to do so in a responsible manner.” That’s why much of what 350.0rg founder (and occasional CP guest blogger) Bill McKibben doesn’t like about the Copenhagen Accord is exactly what I like about it. McKibben complains of Obama’s successful effort to prevent a complete failure at Copenhagen: * He blew up the United Nations…. * He formed a league of super-polluters, and would-be super-polluters…. Hurray!  (link to article)

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