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Stimulating the banks will not stimulate a comatose economy

Interesting.  Ambrose Evans Pritchard has picked up the message that Steve Keen has been expounding from Australia as filtered through International Monetary Research.   Stimulus should be aimed at the non-banking sector not the banks who cannot lend where there is no demand.

….”Tim Congdon from International Monetary Research said the Fed has been wasting its powder by using the wrong mechanism to inject monetary stimulus. Instead of buying bonds from pension funds, insurance companies and other bodies outside the banking system, as the Bank of England did with its £200bn gilts purchase, it has been buying from banks. This method has different effects. It has gained less traction because banks have sat on “dead cash”. This has not increased the deposits held by companies and households.

“A really powerful way for the Fed to boost the economy is to buy bonds directly from the public, which will increase the quantity of broad money. They won’t do that because they have a totally different model and in my view they are confused about the transmission mechanism. If they bought say $1.5 trillion of long-dated Treasuries from non-banks I believe they would get the US out of its liquidity trap very quickly,” Mr Congdon said.

Even better to give it to households

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