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Americans are not as stupid as the Tea party movement wil give you to believe

See results of opinion poll of American public opinion described in the Huffington Post article by

Robert L. Borosage, President, Institute for America’s Future.   It gives evidence that Americans are not demanding deficit reduction at the cost of their economy and all social protection.  The question now posed, are the Irish that stupid?

“The best way to cut the deficit is to put people to work. To do that, we need to make investments vital to our future and get the economy going, even as we address deficits. To address the deficits directly, we should make the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes and end wasteful spending on entrenched interests. It isn’t right to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for deficits caused by foolish wars abroad, bailouts of the big banks and wasteful special interest spending. Common sense, but this is not the agenda of today’s conservatives. ”  (link to full article)

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