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How to get around pay-to-read publications

From Billy Blog (Prof. Bill Mitchell), a useful tip to enable you to continue to read the FT for free.  See, economists can have their uses!  Check out the rest of the article while you are at it.  There are facts even more useful to know in the long term such as…  “There is no credit risk for a sovereign government”

…As an admin note, several readers wonder how they can get around the FT registration system that precludes you from reading to much on-line material for free. If you don’t have a subscription, here is how you can get unlimited content. I assume all billy blog readers are sophisticates and only use Firefox. First, go to Tools/Options/ and click on the Remove Individual Cookies link. This is how FT checks to see how many times you have accessed their pages. Second, put FT in the search box when the window comes up and delete all the cookies that are listed. Third, do a Google search for the article title. Fourth, click the Google search link and you should be sweet. It is a bit of messing around but free.

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