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Mosler on euro endgame

Waren Mosler replies to commentators on the Irish / eurozone question outlining a solution as  he and Marshal Auerback have outlined before.

…My proposal remains the most sensible but not even a consideration- per capita ECB annual distributions to the govts to pay down debt of the member nations beginning with an immediate 10% of GDP distribution. To do this they first have to understand why it’s not inflationary, which means they have to understand inflation on the demand side is a function of spending, and the distribution does not increase govt spending.

That’s a big leap from their inflation expectations theory of inflation. They believe that anything that increases people’s expectation of inflation is what actually causes inflation. And they believe that because they have still failed to recognize that the currency itself is a (simple) public monopoly.

That means the price level is a function of prices paid by the govt of issue when it spends, whether it knows it or not, and not a function of expectations.

So while in fact it is the economy that needs the govt’s funds to pay its taxes, and therefore the economy is ‘price taker’, they instead believe that it is the govt that needs the economy’s funds to be able to spend…. (link to full article)

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