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Water Charges

This piece in the Irish Times picked up thinking by the government re roll out of the new water charges mentioned in the 4 Year Plan.  Smart Taxes has advised Trusts for each water catchment area to monitor water quality and quantity and to sell/accept  the water to/from local authority utilities. It is worrying to see mention of a private utility.

WATER TAX: THE GOVERNMENT is to examine the merits of establishing an authority to oversee the introduction of water metering and charges in the State.

The draft memorandum says the independent study would be undertaken to introducing household water charges in 2012 or 2013, earlier than the 2014 date mentioned in the National Recovery Plan.The study would determine if transferring responsibility for water services provision from local authorities would be beneficial. A timeline for its completion has not yet been set.In the National Recovery Plan, the Government elected not to introduce an interim flat rate of residential water tax pending the installation of meters in 1.2 million homes connected to the public water mains supply.It is understood a water authority would assume responsibility for installing and reading meters and billing households. However, it has not yet been decided if it will be a private utility or public body. (link to article)

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