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Mondragon Cooperative

Ambrose Evans Pritchard departs from his usual viewpoint to write in the Telegraph about an old Left wing and Green inspirational model, the Mondragon Cooperative system in Northern Spain. He notes link to the Irish…

Mondragon’s strength comes from the powerful clan ethos of the Basques, the oldest nation in Europe with a tightknit global diaspora (Nevada, Idaho, Argentina, Brazil) and a unique pre-historical language. Linguists doubt claims that Basque is linked to old Etruscan or Berber dialects.

Recent studies of DNA suggest that the Basque have a very close genetic profile to the Irish and Welsh, who also pre-dated the Celtic agrarian settlements of the 6th Century BC.

Lets hope a predilection for armed rebellion is no the only trait we share with the Basques. (link to  full article)

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