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How to Repudiate the Debt

How To Repudiate The Debt?
Invitation to a citizens’ think-in

The ongoing crisis in this country over the socialising of the banks’ debts and the imposition of the EU/IMF package have engendered widespread popular indignation and anger – but so far no concerted popular opposition from citizens has emerged.

However, recent examples – from the UKUncut movement to the popular protests in the Arab world – show the power of direct action and popular mobilisation.

So how might we as citizens opposed to the public bailout of private investors begin to turn our indignation into constructive action? How might we start to build a citizens’ movement for debt justice?

This will be the focus of a citizens’ think-in to be held on Thursday April 14thfrom 6.30pm – 9pm at the Cultivate centre, Dublin (see details below)

The meeting is being organised by a group of activists and concerned citizens who hope to encourage others to come together to begin to explore this core issue. The meeting will take the form of a participatory encounter – participants will be invited to explore this question collectively through structured themed break-out groups. There will be no keynote speakers!

It is hoped that from this meeting some form of activist/education network(s) – focused on non-payment of unjust debt – can emerge. The event will take place at the following location

Thursday 14th April, 6.30 pm – 9 pm



The Greenhouse,

17 St. Andrew St.

Dublin 2

Cultivate is situated just opposite the Trocadero Restaurant on the corner of St. Andrew’s Street and Suffolk Street.

The meeting is open to all

The event is being organized by Andy Storey, Donnacha Ó Briain & Nessa Ní Chasaide. For more information contact or 087-2825960

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