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Progress in protecting UK fisheries – led by supermarket

A change in tuna policy: Morrisons move means all UK supermarkets switch

Brilliant news! Morrisons have announced a new policy on tinned tuna, committing to stop sourcing fish caught via destructive fishing methods: this means that now all major UK supermarkets have now changed their policy towards being more sustainable. This leaves John West as the last major supplier left that still needs to change its tuna.

An amazing development, this news follows fast behind similar commitments by supermarket giants Tesco and Asda, plus leading brand Princes. The move is also a direct result of the pressure brought on the major UK brands by Greenpeace, ably assisted by the great work of Hugh’s Fish Fight programmes. Our latest win to clean up the UK’s tinned tuna industry also features in today’s Independent newspaper – described as ‘one of the most successful environmental campaigns in years.’

The problem, as you probably know, is that to catch enough tuna to fill tins, other marine life is needlessly caught and killed: in huge numbers. If you haven’t seen Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall tackling the big brands on the misleading claims on their cans of tuna you should check out his Channel 4 series on 4oD here.

Our recent Greenpeace report, Tinned Tuna’s Secret Catch also highlighted the dark side of the UK’s most popular fishy sandwich filler.

Morrisons’ new commitment is great: not only will it apply to all tinned tuna, but also to all the tuna they use as ingredients – such as in sandwiches and ready meals. They are also moving fast, and aim to have these plans implemented by 2013 – a full year ahead of Asda and Princes.

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