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Videos of Lessons from the Crisis

The Lessons from the Crisis conference was a great success and we’re happy to put the videos online to share it with the world.

The videos are arranged by session, morning session, pensions session and afternoon sessions. You can click on individual speakers’ titles to view their presentations.

New Money Theories

Lessons from the Crisis: New Money Theories from TASC on Vimeo.

The morning session began with Richard Douthwaite, The Relationship Between Money and Energy. At 25:33 you can see Stephanie Kelton, A Fix for the Euro Bug. At 57:16 you can see Bill Black, Ireland and the EMU.

Risk and Security: Towards a New Pension Model

Lessons from the Crisis: Risk and security – Towards a new pension model from TASC on Vimeo.

The pensions session began with Randall Wray, ‘Risk and Security: Towards a New Pensions Model’. He was followed by David Korowicz at 27:50, Risk and Resilience of Irish Pension Investment. The session was finished by Sinead Pentony at 46:50, Removing Risk from Irish Pensions.

New Fiscal Frameworks

Lessons from the Crisis: New Fiscal Frameworks from TASC on Vimeo.

The afternoon session began with Tom McDonnell, ‘Making the Numbers Work‘. Then Michael Taft at 20:59, A New Deal for Ireland. Finally, at 41:53, Randall Wray spoke about ‘A Jobs Based Monetary Policy for the Eurozone‘.

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