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This section holds documents that have been submitted both by Feasta; the Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability and after its initiation, by the Smart Taxes Network to official government departments on foot of calls for submissions or as part of the Social Partnership process.

Feasta No.1 Submission to the Commission on Taxation
First submission to the Commission on Taxation by Feasta outlining the Feasta position before the start of the Smart Taxes project.

From Crisis to Control
Feasta submission to Social Partnership, Department of the Taoiseach

Feasta Response re Irish Stability Update
Response to the Department of the Taoiseach request for feedback from Social Partners.

Smart Taxes Submissions 2009

Road Map for Financial and Fiscal Reform 18th March 2009
Executive Summary

Research Report 1: Macroeconomic Case for a Land Value Tax Reform in Ireland May 2009
by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Trinity College.

Research Report 2: Land Value Taxation and other Measures for Raising Public Investment Revenue: A Comparative Study. by Dr Constantin Gurdgiev, Trinity College.

LVT in Ireland: Information Implementation Issues, by Dr. Paddy Prendergast and Elaine Monaghan, Dublin Institute of Technology

Smart Taxes Submissions 2010

Anaerobic Digestion for Irish Farmers – Discussion Document to the IFA

Proposed Amendments to the Draft Environment Bill

Smart Taxes Submission on National Renewable Energy Plan

Smart Taxes Submission on CAP Reform

STN – Implementation of Site Value Tax in Ireland

Site Value Tax – Budget 2011 Submission

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